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The Best Way To Wash Your Fruits and Vegetables.

Have you ever wondered how to wash fruits and vegetables properly and safely? It is simply not enough to run them under water; it takes more than just a simple soak to remove the potentially harmful residue that permeates into food. You will need a non-toxic method to render your fruits and vegetables clean before you and your family can eat it.

iGOZEN is an organic cleaner that you can use to safely strip away any harmful elements from your fruits and vegetables. The cleaner’s micro fine particles penetrate the surfaces of your produce, providing a more thorough clean. With iGOZEN, you can finally eat those healthy greens without worrying about any unwanted chemical content or nasty surprises.

Our proprietary cleaning product is derived from natural seashell material, and it never expires. It has been independently tested by FDA registered laboratories in the U.S. to be an effective organic cleaner. Indeed, the tests prove that it can clean your fruits and veggies to rid of both chemicals and bacteria with our green and harm-free product today.

Safe for your family and pets

100% safe to use around children and pets. It is hypoallergenic and non-toxic.

  • There are no soaps to cover or fill porous substances. No perfumes to cover up natural smells. There is absolutely no odor at all.
  • When you clean with it, the area where you clean will smell exactly like it supposed to – wood smells like wood, stone, metal, fabrics and plastics simply smell clean.
  • There are no chemical off gasses and it will not leave a soap scum. Polish with a damp microfiber towel after cleaning to leave a sparkling shine.
  • You no longer need to be concerned about chemicals from any cleaner soaking into your skin. You do not need to wear gloves or be concerned with breathing chemical toxins used to clean your home.
  • It is made only from microfine seashells and sea salt. Essentially, its main ingredient is calcium, which is completely harmless and safe for human consumption. If you are still speculating about how to wash fruits and vegetables before preparation, then look no further.
  • It can also be used to wash grains such as wheat and rice. Simply spray or soak the grains in the cleaner, allow the liquid to permeate the grains, and then rinse away the chemicals that are released by the cleaning process.
  • Those who are worried that iGOZEN might trigger allergies should rejoice; the product is hypoallergenic and safe to use by people with sensitivities.

Good for the environment

By using our Eco-Friendly household cleaning products, you will help reduce your carbon footprint on this planet.

  • typical bottle of cleaning solvent is trucked across hundreds even thousands of miles, using tens of thousands of gallons of gasoline to do so.
  • Because of our concept of using cleaning powders, it requires about 50% to 66% less oil to produce and transport than a fully filled liquid cleaning product.

Saves you money

It is surprisingly economical because it is packaged to conserve natural resources.

We sell powder refill packets, saving you from having to purchase a new bottle each time.

We present iGOZEN to you in light powder form instead of heavy liquid, reducing transportation costs. Upon arrangement, we can send you packets of the powder solution with its all-natural formulation, iGOZEN makes a cleaner and safer lifestyle much more attainable.